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Today’s offices need to be highly flexible and, not least, inviting environments. Matroshka allows you to easily switch between a classic workstation, a meeting room, space to relax or some extra floor space. As a bonus, you also gain generous storage compartments. The L-shaped desk is fantastically spacious, with a standard height and depth. You may be working in a small space, but that’s no reason to use small furniture.

Example areas of use:
- Serviced offices in central Stockholm, rented out on a permanent and temporary basis. Most tenants work as consultants and need an office that is highly presentable, since they often see clients there. One of the tenants is a company with five employees across the whole of Sweden who convene once a month in Stockholm for a couple of days to go through projects and work on them together. They rent the room for one week a month when these meetings take place.

Another of the tenants often has clients visiting and likes Matroshka because the workstation and the meeting area are separate from each other, so he can leave his desk just as it is when a client arrives. He also doesn’t need to book a separate meeting room for every visit.

- A sales manager in an insurance company works on coaching the rest of the sales team and on compiling the company’s sales figures. She spends 50% of her time in coaching meetings and the rest at her desk. The company decided to furnish her office with Matroshka furniture so that the sales manager could carry out all her work in one place, and to create a slightly more relaxed environment than in a traditional meeting room.

How would you use Matroshka in your office?

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