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Materials and dimensions

Matroshka is produced by skilled craftspeople in northern Sweden. The basic design employs quality materials such as birch plywood, oak veneer and Swedish woollen fabrics. Contact us for more information.

Matroshka can be purchased through Matroshka Furniture AB and will be assembled at your company on delivery. For more information about this, contact us here.

To make optimum use of Matroshka, you need a floor space of at least 2 x 3.5 metres. The furniture need approximately 7 square in its largest state, but we recommend having it on an area of ​​approximately 15 square feet, in order to use it in a good way. Naturally, Matroshka can have either a left or right-hand corner. The height of the workstation’s floor is 60 centimetres. As far as possible, we’ve used standard dimensions for the table and seat heights for good ergonomics.