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Matroshka takes a brand new approach to combining the functions of a home. When the basic idea was being conceived, the focus was on seeing the room as a volume instead of an area, and on creating plenty of storage while also keeping the furniture comfortable and appealing. The result was the concept of “four rooms in one”, where the living room, bedroom, study and dining room are all neatly compacted into 15 square metres.

The raised study area has been a real hit with our stakeholders, who like the idea of “going up to work” and then being able to leave your work there. This has a positive psychological effect, making it easier to draw a line between work and leisure. The L-shaped desk is fantastically spacious, with a standard height and depth. You may be living in a small space, but that’s no reason to use small furniture.

A common problem in small residences is having guests round and finding somewhere for them to sit. With Matroshka, the solution is easy as the living room set-up has space for up to 12 people around the table. The table itself, which is sold separately, can be moved up and down hydraulically, making it simple to adjust to your needs at a particular time – one moment it’s a dining table, the next it’s a coffee table. And on top of all that, you also get a double bed and generously proportioned storage spaces.

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